Alexco is de exclusieve partner van Ahlstrom voor Posterpapier in Nederland.

Outdoor billboards

Excellent printing

Our aim in developing this coated paper was to achieve superior results with all printing methods. We have special grades for offset and screen as well as for digital printing, working perfectly with solvent, UV or latex inks and its special coating will optimize ink consumption. Ahlstrom Chantaffiche™ delivers exceptional dimensional stability and works brilliantly on older as well as today’s advanced machines.

Easy billposting

We have endeavoured to make the process of bill posting easier than it’s ever been. Folding is fault-free. We’ve made Ahlstrom Chantaffiche™ crack-resistant, so there’s no white line on the printed side. And the paper’s high wet strength makes posting a smooth and easy operation.

Good in all weather conditions

We also ensure that the advertiser’s message looks as good at the end of the campaign as at the beginning. Ahlstrom Chantaffiche™ makes the advertiser’s message look good in all weathers conditions, without curling, fading or distortion. Its blue back ensures perfect opacity and our advanced reverse side treatment ensures an excellent adhesion. It has also an outstanding flaking resistance

Backlighted advertising

Our specialized backlight poster papers offer excellent printability and good sheet formation for homogenous see-through effect. Also the high transparency allows letting light through the paper at the right level.

Environmental impact

We ensure that we minimize the effect on the environment in all our production methods. Our raw materials originate from responsible and renewable sources, and all grades are available with FSC™ or PEFC™ certification. In 2010 we increased our material efficiency by 3.1 per cent, achieving more and reducing waste. And we’re improving our energy efficiency through co-generation and co-hydraulic power.

At Ahlstrom we’ve been using progressive technology for over 50 years to advance the standards of the poster paper industry. We believe in continually raising the bar, reaching for the impossible. And making it reality.

Which brings us to Ahlstrom Chantaffiche.™

We are at the forefront of developments and innovation in poster papers and the subsequent product and print quality is achieving outstanding results for our customers. 

Stay Ahead

Ahlstrom is a high performance fiber-based materials company, partnering with leading businesses around the world to help them stay ahead. We aim to grow with a product offering for clean and healthy environment. Our materials are used in everyday applications such as filters, medical fabrics, life science and diagnostics, wallcoverings and food packaging. In 2013, Ahlstrom's net sales from the continuing operations amounted to EUR 1 billion. Our 3,500 employees serve customers in 24 countries. Ahlstrom's share is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

With Chantaffice your message stays true

For 50 years, Ahlstrom's top-quality Chantaffiche poster papers have been maintaining the full impact of advertisers' messages, looking good for weeks in all weathers without curling, fading or distortion. Today Chantaffiche poster papers combine excellent printability and outstanding printing results with top performance throughout the whole life of the poster campaign. Ahlstrom offers paper grades specially developed for offset, screen and ink-jet printing. Ahlstrom's Chantaffiche poster papers are manufactured at the Osnabrück plant, Germany.

Benefits for advertisers and the billboard industry

  • produced on the industry's most efficient poster paper machine
  • excellent billposting performance
  • outstanding printability: efficient, trouble free printing
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • high wet strength
  • no curling
  • blue back for perfect (wet) opacity
  • resists flaking and folding cracks
  • special reverse-side treatment for good adhesion
  • no color variation

New ExtraScroll

Ahlstrom has developed a new dimensionally stable scroller paper for using in large format scrolling units. Our new ExtraScroll paper reduces the time for campaign preparation and brings the flexibility that the media owners need to initiate new campaigns at short notice, while offering an excellent mechanical performance equivalent to laminated papers or other plastic substrates.

Benefits for media owners and the scrolling industry

  • campaign preparation time reduced from 10 to 2-3 days
  • optimum strength thus eliminating the lamination step
  • excellent scrolling performance in one single piece and ready to be printed both sides
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • suitable for all large format inkjet printers (UV, solvent and latex inks)
  • reduced environmental impact by using sustainable raw materials

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