EcoNova ID is the most advanced Eco Solvent ink to date and is compatible with Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printers equipped with DX4 or DX5 head. ‘EcoNova ID’ will raise the bar in terms of quality and is fully plug and play compatible.


  • Roland Soljet Pro Ⅱ SJ-540/ 640/ 740 EX Series
  • Roland Soljet Pro Ⅲ XC-540/ 540W, XJ-540/ 640/ 740
  • VersaCAMM VP540, SP-300/ 540, VS-300/ 420/ 540/ 640 
  • VersaART RS-540/ 640, RE-640, 
  • VersaSTUDIO BN-20
  • Mimaki JV33-130/ 160, CJV30-60/ 100/ 160 
  • Mutoh Valuejet 1624K2/ 1324K2

InkTec supplies diverse kinds of products to be used for various plotters and user environments. We guarantee the superior stability and quality of our ink, which maintains the original manufacturer colors and effects due to our cutting-edge technology, research and production equipment. We also work to provide exceptional user convenience by anticipating our clients’ ink needs in their various professional environments.

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InkTec, opgericht in 1992, is een ISO 9001/14001 gecertificeerde Koreaanse inkt-, media- en printerfabrikant.

Alexco is distributeur van InkTec voor Eco-, Solvent inkten en Large Format Media.